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Refunds and Returns Policy

Upon delivery, it is the responsibility of the customer to review the goods and inform On-Schedule Logistics of any requests for credit within 72 hours via written notification. All credit claims, along with a completed On-Schedule Logistics Discrepancy Report, should be directed to our Customer Service for examination and approval by the Customer Service Supervisor. We will not grant any credit without previous approval.

At its sole discretion, On-Schedule Logistics will either replace or issue a credit for any products that have been damaged in transit (if insured and approved by us) or those that were short delivered or have a short expiration date (less than 6 months). These provisions are contingent on receipt of a written claim supported by photographic evidence of the issue within 72 hours of delivery. Claims submitted beyond the 72-hour window will not be considered.

Goods delivered erroneously must be returned to On-Schedule Logistics in a sellable state via a carrier nominated by On-Schedule Logistics, and must be accompanied by the appropriate Returned Goods Authority (RGA). The RGA is mandatory for accepting returned goods, as well as for Australian customs import approval. Every returned item must bear the RGA number and have a copy of the RGA affixed to the carton’s exterior.

In certain cases, at On-Schedule Logistics’ sole discretion, customers may be allowed to discard the goods. If applicable, customers will be obliged to complete a destruction certificate documenting the disposal prior to the issuance of credit.

On-Schedule Logistics will not accept any goods that have broken seals or have been degraded due to mishandling or improper storage conditions by the customer.

Credit notes will not cover duties or taxes that originate in the destination country. Refunds for purchases made with credit cards can only be processed back to the same credit card used for the initial transaction.

If the return involves surplus stock or goods ordered in error, the credit acceptance may be contingent upon the supplier issuing a credit to On-Schedule Logistics.

In the event of a Product Recall, customers of On-Schedule Logistics must adhere to the Product Sponsor’s instructions. It is compulsory for our customers to provide adequate evidence of compliance within the prescribed timeframe. This may include documentation of recall notification, evidence of return, and destruction certificates.

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