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Fiji Kava

Fiji Kava are the trusted purveyor of the world’s most esteemed Noble Kava products. Just like generations of Fijians before us, we hold a steadfast belief in the traditional water-extraction method for obtaining the purest essence of Noble Kava. Commitment to authenticity is evident in our meticulous extraction process, where we extract the precious kavalactones from the root of the plant using 100% water and absolutely no artificial colors or additives. By upholding these time-honored practices, we ensure that the essence of Noble Kava remains true to its origins.

At the heart of our operations lies the magnificent SATA Nucleus Farm, spanning an expansive 111 acres in Ovalau, Fiji. It is within this lush sanctuary that our Noble Kava plants thrive, nurtured in rich organic soils and nurtured with the purest Fijian water available. Every step of the way, from planting to harvesting, we adhere to rigorous testing and standardization processes, guaranteeing a consistent and unparalleled end result.

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